Here’s the locations of secret passages in Fortnite along with how to use them.

One of the new additions in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 are secret passages. These secret passages will lead players to Shadow safe houses. These are scattered around the Fortnite map, and require players to jump into a dumpster or a portable toilet.

One of the week 2 Brutus’ Briefing challenges requires players to hide in secret passages in different matches. This needs to be done three times in order to complete the challenge. Due to the challenge needing to be done in different matches, you can use the same secret passage three times. However, we’ve created a locations guide for the secret passages.

Hide in secret passages in different matches

One of the other challenges for Brutus’ Briefing requires players to find SHADOW safe houses. In order to access these, you need to hide in a secret passage, so you might already know the locations of secret passages.

There’s five different Shadow safe houses on the Fortnite map, so there’s at least five different secret passages on the map. Here’s a list of the secret passages that’ll lead you to a shadow safe house:

  • North of Misty Meadows – dumpster behind the house on the larger patch of land in the water.
  • North of Holly Hedges and south of Sweaty Sands in a house.
  • A portable toilet behind the gas station as Pleasant Park.
  • East of Craggy Cliffs. The secret passage is a dumpster near the large building.
  • East of Frenzy Farm in a small building that houses a portable toilet.

Here’s a map with the locations of the secret passages we’re aware of that’ll lead you to a safe house. In order to hide in secret passages, just simply go up to the portable toilet or dumpster and hide in them. Once done, you’ll use a secret passage that’ll take you to a safe house.

All Shadow Safe House Fortnite Map Locations
All Shadow Safe House Fortnite Map Locations
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