Epic Games released a minor Fortnite update today, v12.21. Here’s the Fortnite Patch Notes for today’s update.

Since the release of Fortnite chapter 2, Epic Games have changed their Fortnite update schedule that they had for the majority of chapter 1. Updates were released every week in chapter 1 with one week being a content update whilst the other week was a major update that included a bunch of new files.

The content updates usually didn’t require a download unless Epic addressed some bug fixes. Content updates usually added one item or weapon to the game which was added to the files in the previous major update.

Since chapter 2, Epic usually release biweekly updates, although there were a number of times during season 1 when an update would release three weeks apart from one another. There are no longer any content updates, and at times, the new feature or items that were being added provided no change to the game.

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Last night, Epic announced that a new Fortnite update would be coming today, v12.21. It was always likely that this wasn’t going to add anything major and that’s turned out to be the case. Fortnite servers went down much earlier than usual with scheduled maintenance at 6am UTC instead of 9am. Below are the Fortnite patch notes for today’s update.

Fortnite Update

As expected, today’s update didn’t bring any new item, weapon, or any additional feature. However, there were a number of bug fixes that can be seen below.

V12.21 Fortnite Patch Notes

  • Corrected Tournament scores that were visually incorrect in Lobby and in-match.
  • Party assist has now been fixed and is once again available to use to help complete challenges quicker.
  • Controller players Unintentionally using Carry or Shakedown.
  • Game freezing in split-screen when leaving a party.
  • The “Survive a fall” Meowscles challenge not registering if no damage has been taken.
  • Legacy Look Controllers being completely removed from the game.
  • Difficulty picking up items with the Use button.
  • Hit Indicators show wrong direction.
  • Buildings and structures may appear low detail.

There was only one leak but it wasn’t a leak for a new skin or another Fortnite cosmetic. A set of challenges for the Fortnite Oro skin that was leaked last season has been added to the game files which provides players with season XP and the chance to unlock a wrap and pickaxe.

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3 months ago

Idk if it’s me or not, but after unlocking tntina’s shadow style it also unlocked for the glider. However, I can’t seem to set the default style back it stays as the shadow style even though I don’t want that style set. Just confused if it’s a bug or not?

3 months ago

Party assist doesn’t appear to be back. Not sure where they’re getting that from, as it’s not fixed on the trello board and in-game there are no options for party assist.

3 months ago

Really don’t care to much for Knockout, it is to short and not a lot of fun due to quick matches and if you loose back out to the lobby.

I will play until I get my spiffs but other than that it is either Solo’s or Team Rumble for me.