Fortnite V4.4 Patch Notes – Thermal Scoped AR & Sniper Shootout V3

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  1. Deli says:


    1. TIng of a ting of a ting of a ting says:

      what do u mean

  2. rail says:


  3. Tom R. says:

    I understand why you would not count the wins as ‘normal’ but I believe you have said a version of 50v50 will be permanent so give us a count of wins. Solo, Duo, Squad and Groups. I for one would really like to see how many times I have been on the winning team, be it 20, 50 or any new large group you put out. I love 50v50 and glad it is back, but please give us some stats. Thanks.

  4. Hung says:

    Fix the thermal scoped ar for mobile

  5. John says:

    Fix it so that people dont fade throurgh the staris and walls

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