Fortnite World Cup – Competitive Season 2018-2019

Fortnite World Cup
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  1. Jesus Arias says:

    When you say Everyone dose that mean like a small ps4 player like me and is yes where do I sing up

  2. Loldepol2 says:

    Fortnite is de best wenh i wil ken i play 2 weeks i love fortnite

    1. FortniteKid says:

      go to school

  3. Filip says:

    I am interessted in competitive fortnite play.

  4. Logankiller17 says:

    Sono interessato a partecipare sia in singolo che a coppie mi piacerebbe essere contattato tramite email per maggiori informazioni e per aggiornamenti!

  5. Logankiller17 says:

    I’m interested in participating in the contest I would like to know how to register to participate my name on the game is logankiller17 game with play 4 ..

    available for tournaments in pairs I would like to be contacted by email for more information and updates ..

    thanks best regards

  6. Jordan Givens says:

    I’m very interested in participating in this, if you can please link me the sign up info please.

  7. Jonathan says:

    I would like to register.

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