Here are the wraps that have been leaked in the v8.10 update.

In the v8.10 update that has just taken place, data-miners have been able to dig in the files and see what has been added. They have managed to leak the upcoming skins and cosmetics that we should see in the shop soon, and these leaked cosmetics can be seen here.

A well known data-miner @HYPEX has manged to find four new wraps that were added to the files, which can be seen below:

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The last wrap is different from any wrap we have seen previously as it is actually customizable and can be changed to the four suits in a deck of cards to go with the Getaway LTM (Limited Time Mode). The four suits are diamonds (red), clubs (black), hearts (red) and spades (black), all of which can be seen below:

We do not know when or how these wraps will be released as yet, but we will keep you updated with the latest.

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