Here are the top ten rarest Fortnite Gliders that have been released in the Item Shop, based on the last time they were available to purchase.

New cosmetics are added to Fortnite Battle Royale regularly, which means that there are quite a lot of cosmetics that have not been available for purchase in the Item Shop, making them ‘rare’.

The cosmetics that have been available to purchase in the Shop can be released at any time, so there are no real Item Shop cosmetics that will remain rare. Here is a list of the rarest Gliders in Fortnite as of August 23rd, based on the last time they appeared in the Item Shop.

  1. Raptor (Uncommon) – Last seen 388 days ago
Fortnite Glider - Raptor
Fortnite Glider – Raptor

2. Fighter Kite (Uncommon) – Last seen 322 days ago

Fortnite Glider - Fighter Kite
Fortnite Glider – Fighter Kite

3. Royale Dragon (Legendary) – Last seen 317 days ago

Fortnite Glider - Royale Dragon
Fortnite Glider – Royale Dragon

4. Oktoberfeast (Rare) – Last seen 298 days ago

Fortnite Glider - Oktoberfeast
Fortnite Glider – Oktoberfeast

5. Crypt Cruiser (Epic) – Last seen 296 days ago

Fortnite Glider - Crypt Cruiser
Fortnite Glider – Crypt Cruiser

6. Spirit (Epic) – Last seen 294 days ago

Fortnite Glider - Spirit
Fortnite Glider – Spirit

7. Touchdown (Uncommon) –¬†Last seen 284 days ago

Fortnite Glider - Touchdown
Fortnite Glider – Touchdown

8. Field Wraith (Epic) – Last seen 282 days ago

Fortnite Glider - Field Wraith
Fortnite Glider – Field Wraith

9. Triumph (Uncommon) – Last seen 261 days ago

Fortnite Glider - Triumph
Fortnite Glider – Triumph

10. Flying Fish (Uncommon) – Last seen 247 days ago

Fortnite Glider - Flying Fish
Fortnite Glider – Flying Fish

This list was made before the Item Shop for August 23rd has updated.

Do you own any of these ‘rare’ Gliders? Let us know in the comments section below.

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