Epic recently took to their social accounts to announce The Baller vehicle has been temporarily disabled.

Epic Games have announced on Twitter and Reddit that The Baller vehicle has been temporarily disabled due to stability issues, and will update players once they know more.

Fortnite The Baller Vehicle Disabled
Fortnite The Baller Vehicle Disabled

The Baller is a single player operated vehicle that was added into the game in last week’s v8.10 update. The vehicle has a grappler attached to the front, and a boost functionality. The Baller is vulnerable to enemy weapon fire, but has 300 health to protect the driver.

Fortnite The Baller Vehicle
Fortnite The Baller Vehicle

Since it’s addition, there have been several issues with the vehicle including players dying due to taking fall damage when leaving the vehicle whilst moving as seen below:

Died because of Baller Bug from FortNiteBR

Players have used The Baller on the lava at the volcano to launch themselves into the sky and out of the map as seen below in this Twitch clip:

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There’s been a mixed response to The Baller, some love the vehicle and have used it effectively to eliminate players, whilst others have been unhappy due to The Baller ruining the end game for players.

Either way, The Baller will unlikely be vaulted so soon after it was added to the game. A large portion of players were unhappy with planes last season, and Epic nerfed them several times but they were never vaulted until Season 8.

We’ll update this post when Epic enable The Baller again.

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