Epic Games had vaulted the Heavy Shotgun in a previous patch, but here’s how they should be reintroduced, with new variants and the Tactical Shotgun vaulted.

Epic are constantly adding new items to Fortnite Battle Royale, including new weapons. In order for them to do this without having too many weapons in the mode, they will need to vault others, which could come back to Fortnite, as we have seen with other weapons.

Fortnite Heavy Shotgun
Fortnite Heavy Shotgun

One of the weapons that have been vaulted is the Heavy Shotgun, which was vaulted in the v7.30 patch in both the epic and legendary rarities. Reddit user Kitteh6660 has suggested that the Heavy Shotgun should return and it should also come in the common, uncommon and rare variants. The Heavy Shotgun for these variants will be similar to the Stampede Shotgun currently seen in the Save the World mode of Fortnite.

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You can see the changes he has proposed below:

Fortnite Heavy Shotgun Stats Concept
Fortnite Heavy Shotgun Stats Concept

Reddit user Tgassy618 has mentioned that the Heavy Shotgun actually has a 2.5x headshot multiplier, meaning that the common Heavy Shotgun would have a 190 damage perfect headshot and the legendary would have a 210 damage perfect headshot. This would mean that the multiplier would need to be reduced so it would not be as overpowered.

“Don’t forget that the heavy shotgun has a 2.5x headshot multiplier instead of the 2x headshot multiplier for the pump. Meaning that your common heavy shotgun will have a 190 damage perfect headshot and your legendary heavy shotgun will have a 210 damage perfect headshot. Which may possibly be overpowered combined with its fire rate and range.”

Players have suggested that these shotguns should be added and the Tactical Shotgun should be vaulted instead. What do you think of these changes? Would you want the Heavy Shotgun to return?

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