In today’s v9.01 update, dataminers leaked the upcoming John Wick skin that’ll be available to purchase in the Fortnite Item Shop along with the Back Bling reward. Here’s footage of the leaked skin in-game.

Today’s v9.01 Fortnite update, Epic nerfed the Drum Gun by reducing the base damage from 26/27 to 22/23. The Baller also received a nerf with the health being reduced from 200 to 150. The Compact SMG was vaulted to make way for the new Tactical Assault Rifle.

During downtime for today’s update, dataminer Lucas7Yoshi_ was the first to leak the John Wick skin. The full image of the skin along with the “damaged” additional skin style was then leaked by several other dataminers along with the Back Bling, which will be a reward from the Fortnite X John Wick “Wick’s Bounty” limited time mode.

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The John Wick skin will be available to purchase in the Fortnite Item Shop although there’s no information as to when it’ll be available. It’s likely, however, that the skin will be available tomorrow or Friday. You can check out the skin below if you haven’t already.

Fortnite X John Wick Leaked Skin and Back Bling

Fortnite x John Wick Back Bling
Leaked Fortnite x John Wick Skin

Whilst the John Wick skin will be available in the Item Shop, the Back Bling will be rewarded to players who complete a Wick’s Bounty LTM challenge.

Fortnite x John Wick Back Bling
Fortnite x John Wick Back Bling

When Fortnite cosmetics are leaked by dataminers, they also leak footage of the skins in-game, and the John Wick skin is no different. Thanks to dataminer Guille_GAG, who was one of the first to leak in-game footage of the John Wick skin, we can get a closer look at the John Wick skin, the “damaged” style of the skin, and back bling.

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John Wick Skin Leaked In-Game Close Up

Here’s a close up of the John Wick skin:

*NEW* Fortnite X John Wick Leaked Fortnite Skin & Back Bling In-Game Footage - V9.01 Update

Popular dataminer ShiinaBR has posted footage of the John Wick “damaged” skin style in-game.

John Wick Skin In-game Footage

The John Wick, Chapter 3 -- Parabellum movie releases on Friday, May 17th in the United States and Europe. We’ll likely see the Wick’s Bounty LTM go live then, but nothing has been confirmed.

Epic released a teaser image for the Fortnite X John Wick collaboration through the in-game news feed, and we could see another one released tomorrow along with a confirmed release date and time.

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Fortnite X John Wick TeaserTick Tock, Mr. Wick.
Fortnite X John Wick TeaserTick Tock, Mr. Wick.

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hi i dont like the new jjhon wick i like the old og jhon wick better in season 3