There items that you could get to fall from the sky when throwing the upcoming Junk Rift Fortnite item has been leaked.

Epic released the v10.10 Fortnite patch/client update last week and dataminers leaked an upcoming item, Junk Rift. There wasn’t much information leaked regarding the item leaked on the v10.10 update day apart from the rarity of the item, which suggests the item will be uncommon.

A new leak regarding the Junk Rift item has been posted by dataminer iFireMonkey. The leak suggests there’s four different items that can be rifted in using the Junk Rift. These items are an anchor, port-o-potty, dinosaur and a police vehicle.

The Junk Rift item is also teased in the week 4 loading screen with a dinosaur appearing from a rift in the sky.

Fortnite Season X Week 4 Leaked Loading Screen Junk Rift
Fortnite Season X Week 4 Leaked Loading Screen Junk Rift

Firemonkey also leaked the sound files of the item, which seems to confirm the above items will be the only items that drop from a rift.

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The item will be available in tomorrow’s v10.10 content update, which will be available at 8 AM ET.

Troy runs his own successful Fortnite Podcast and by his own admission "talking about video games is what I’m good at!". Troy is responsible for some of the Fortnite challenge and concept posts. Contact: [email protected]
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