Epic have already announced that the Jetpack is coming to Fortnite, but they have not told us how it will be incorporated in the game. YouTuber DieBuddiesZocken has done some more digging and found some new information on the Jetpacks.

It seems as though the Jetpack will be used in a new limited time mode, which is thought to be called ‘High Jump’.

These audio files were discovered and from the looks of it we can see that the Jetpack will need to picked up by players and won’t be provided initially. We can also see that there is a Fuel Warning sound, which means the Jetpack will need to take Fuel. This could be a cool down time, which will slowly refuel the Jetpack. Alternatively, there could be fuel items that you can pick up around the map to refuel the Jetpacks.

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DISCLAIMER: This is leaked information, that may or may not happen. Epic Games could make changes, however, DieBuddiesZocken has proven to be a reliable source and is usually right.

Be sure to check out DieBuddiesZocken’s YouTube video about the Jetpack and other information discovered. You can hear the audio sounds of the Jetpack at 3:45.

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