We had previously reported on all the leaked cosmetics found in the v6.22 update and we now have the names and rarities of each. The NFL skins will be available in the Fortnite Item Shop on Friday 9th November and they will be customizable.

Striped Soldier (Uncommon)
Call it like you see it



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Whistle Warrior (Uncommon)
Throw a flag on the play

Referee Female

End Zone (Epic)
Deep in opposition territory

Spike (Epic)
Throw it on the ground

Gridiron (Epic)
Dominate the field

Strong Guard (Epic)
Protect the blind side

Juke (Epic)
Leave them in your dust

Rush (Epic)
Just keep running

Interceptor (Epic)
Take what’s theirs

Juke (Epic)
Leave them in your dust

A.I.M (Legendary)
Scanning area for targets

Hunting Party Skin LEaked


Touchdown (Uncommon)
Go for the extra point

Upright Axe (Rare)
It’s up, and it’s good!


First Downer (Uncommon)
10 yards to victory 

A.X.E (Rare)
Perfectly programmed pick

Golden Pigskin (Uncommon)
Claim the trophy 

E.L.I.M (Legendary)
Increment elimination count



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