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The v6.21 patch had a lot of new cosmetics that were added to the files. We had previously reported on these as soon as they were released, but the names and rarities were not yet known. These have now been data-mined and all the names and rarities of the leaked items found in this update can be seen below:

Ruckus (Rare)
Bring the bedlam

Mayhem (Epic)
Embrace the destruction

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Instinct (Rare)
Victory comes naturally

Reflex (Rare)
Quick to react, first to retaliate


Flapjackie (Epic)
Loves pancakes almost as much as victory

Shogun (Legendary)
Suited for the ultimate showdown

Spooky Team Leader (Epic)
Find delight in fright

Yee-Haw! (Epic)

Growler (Epic)
This good boy is not afraid to bare his teeth

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Kabuto (Rare)
Sharp enough to cut through air

Poofy Parasail (Rare)
Puffed up and ready for landing

Pivot (Rare)
Primed to pivot with precison

Junkjet (Epic)
It might just get you where you’re going

Jawblade (Rare)
Clench victory between your teeth

Angular Axe (Uncommon)
Acutely obtuse

Splinterstrike (Rare)
Pointy whichever way you point it.

Jackspammer (Uncommon)
Swing it over and over and over and over…

Jackspammer Fortnite

Goodie Gourd (Rare)

Response Unit (Rare)
Send a message

Reaction Tank (Rare)

Bladed Wings (Legendary)
Wings with edge.

Spike chamber (Rare)
Rusty and Trusty.

Puncture Pack (Rare)
Crusty and musty.

Nibbles (Epic)
Stuffed full of carrots.

Woofs (Epic)
Already house-broken.

Lil’Kev (Epic)
Loves to play in the lake.


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