The V6.02 update went live today and there quite a few new skins and other cosmetics that were found by data-miners in the files. The names and rarities of each cosmetic have now been found and can be seen below:

Hollowhead (Epic)
All tricks. No treats.Hollowhead Leaked Fortnite Skin v6.02

Jack Gourdon (Epic)
Squash the competitionJack Gourdon Fortnite Leaked Skin v6.02

Plague (Epic)
The doctor is in…
Plague Fortnite Leaked Skin v6.02

Scourge (Epic)
Seeking the cure
Scourge Leaked Fortnite Skin v6.02
Bullseye (Uncommon)
I never miss
Bullseye Fortnite Leaked Skin v6.02

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Skull Ranger (Rare)
She’s got a bone to pick
Skull Ranger Leaked Fortnite Skin v6.02

Back Blings

Dismal Cape (Epic)
Black as nightDismal Cape Fortnite Leaked Back Bling v6.02

Arcanum (Epic)
Perilous and potentArcanum Leaked Fortnite Back Bling

Mouldering Cloak (Epic)
Ragged and worn, from days long goneMoudlering Cloak Leaked Fortnite



Skull Sickle (Epic)
Skeleton’s choice
Skull SickleHeralds Wand (Rare)
It’s vital
Haralds wand
Carver (Rare)
Honed for the harvest


Lamplight (Rare)
A light in the darknessLamplight GliderCrypt Cruiser (Epic)
From beyond the grave!

Crypt Cruiser Fortnite Leaked Glider v6.02


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