A new Fortnite Skin has been leaked as well as the Back Bling that will come with the Skin. Here is what it looks like.

New cosmetics are added to the Fortnite files in major updates that require some downtime and the majority of these cosmetics are leaked by data-miners as soon as the new update is available to download. These cosmetics can include Fortnite Skins, Back Blings, Pickaxes, Gliders, Emotes/Dances and Wraps.

Even though the majority of cosmetics are leaked, there are some encrypted files that can also be added by Epic, which will be harder to data-miners to leak, although in some cases there are some data-miners that can leak these items.

Fortnite New PS Plus Exclusive Leaked Skin and Back Bling

Data-miner @FortTory has noticed that two pak files were decrypted and now there are two new cosmetics that have been leaked, a Skin and a Back Bling. You can see what they look like below.

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Point Patroller Skin

The newly leaked Skin is called Point Patroller and is of Rare rarity and has the description, “Ready to break a break for it.” Here is what it looks like:

Fortnite Leaked Skin - Point Patroller
Fortnite Leaked Skin – Point Patroller

Recon Strike Back Bling

The newly leaked Back Bling is called Recon Strike and is of course also of Rare rarity. The description of this cosmetic reads, “Shoot your shot,” and you can see what it looks like below:

Fortnite Leaked Back Bling - Recon Strike
Fortnite Leaked Back Bling – Recon Strike

The code shows that this Skin will be available in the Item Shop, but it is possible that this could be changed. Looking at the color scheme of both the Skin and the Back Bling, it is possible that they will be exclusive to PlayStation Plus players, although this has not yet been confirmed.

UPDATE: This is confirmed to be part of a new PS Plus Bundle.

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1 month ago

I like the back bling for sure, will have to see the skin in game.

Sanny Ahmed
Sanny Ahmed
1 month ago

is there any release date?

Yousef Saifi
Yousef Saifi
1 month ago
Reply to  Sanny Ahmed

Should be out everywhere now