Today’s new Fortbyte is 83: Found in a rock garden near the coast. Here’s the location of where you can collect it.

A new challenge and reward was unlocked for day 12 of the 14 days of summer Fortnite event. The challenge is to visit a giant beach umbrella and a huge rubber ducky in a single match. Upon completing the challenge, players are rewarded with the quack pack back bling.

Along with the new challenge for the event, there’s also another Fortbyte challenge. As usual, the Fortbyte challenge requires players to go in-game. Yesterday’s Fortbyte was to skydive through the rings above Loot lake with the Plasma Trail Contrails equipped. However, as with previous Fortbyte challenges similar to this, the challenge wasn’t working for a number of players.

Today’s new Fortbyte challenge and a guide on the location of it can be seen below.

  • Fortbyte 83: Found in a rock garden near the coast

FORTBYTE #83 LOCATION: Found in a rock garden near the coast

Every Fortbyte that’s collectable in-game has a hint provided in the name of the challenge so you have an idea of where you’ll need to go in order to find the new Fortbyte.

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Today’s challenge is no different and players can find Fortbyte 83 in a rock garden near the coast.

You’ll find Fortbyte 83 on the east side of the map, north east of Lonely Lodge.. The rock garden is the current location of the stone family.

Thanks to Twitter user Guille-GAG, we know the exact location of Fortbyte 83:

Fortbyte #83 - Found in a rock garden near the coast
Fortbyte #83 – Found in a rock garden near the coast

Here’s a video guide on the location of Fortbyte 83:


Watch this video on YouTube.
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