Fortnite players are reporting that the first stage of the earthquake has just happened.

In the v7.30 update, data-miners had find files that showed that there would be an earthquake event happening in Fortnite. Sound files were later leaked by FortTory, and judging by the reports, the first stage of the earthquake is occuring.

Reddit user willamson41 had recorded footage of the tremor happening in-game as seen below:

Earthquake just happened in game ? from FortNiteBR

The earthquake tremor occured at 10PM UTC, so it’s possible the tremors may happen every hour until the next stage.

It looks like the map is also shaking when the tremor occurs. We’ll have to wait and see if the tremors continue every hour.

If you’d like to hear the leaked audio files of the earthquake event, you can listen to them below:

The names of the audio files are; Cane_inside, Earthquake_shakes_lrg, Earthquake_shakes_med, Earthquake_shakes_small. The next obvious stage will be the “medium” stage followed by the “large” stage. It’s unclear when these stages will occur, but it will likely lead us up to Fortnite Season 8.

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