Here are two new LTMs that were leaked in the v9.20 Fortnite update, Prop Hunt and Beach Assault.

New LTMs (Limited Time Modes) are added to Fortnite Battle Royale on a regular basis to give players a different mode to enjoy if they want a change from the normal Battle Royale mode. There have been many LTMs introduced to the game so far and some of these modes have returned, with changes made if necessary.

In the v9.20 update that took place on 6th June, there were many files that were leaked by data-miners and @Lucas7yoshi and @FireMonkeyFN have leaked two new LTMs that were added to the files in the v9.20 update.

Leaked Fortnite LTM Added in v9.20 – Beach Assault

One of the leaked LTMs found in the files is called “Beach Assault”. The description for this mode reads, “The war is almost over. Storm the beach defenses and destroy the doomsday cannon, or stage a last-ditch defense to keep the invaders at bay.”

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