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Vehicles Coming to Fortnite?


On the South-East of the map, there is an area known as the “Race Track”, which has been there since the start of Fortnite, however the Shopping Carts have been added after.

Many players have been asking for Shopping Carts to be accessible by players and it looks like this could be coming to Fortnite soon!

YouTuber, DieBuddiesZocken, has leaked information by data mining the files to show files with the following names:

As you can see, the Shopping Cart looks like it will be accessible by players and drivable.
It seems like this could be coming soon, as the dates on the file show 22.02.2018.

Even though the Shopping Carts can be moved by players, we think that it will be a slow mode of transportation that will have limitations. It will probably be used as a fun mini game for friends to play, the same concept as the Soccer Games.

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There was also a Reddit post, posted a month ago discussing the mobility of Shopping Carts in Retail Row, to which MichaelNoland had replied, “I am imagining :)”

Disclaimer: This is a leak and we are not sure when or if this will be coming to Fortnite and this could be changed, however this YouTuber has a track record for getting these leaks right.

Would you want this to come to Fortnite? Let us know in the comments section below.

Khadija Saifi
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