There were quite a few skins/cosmetics that were found in the v6.02 patch and now, thanks to Skin-Tracker, we have the 3D renders for these cosmetics, as can be seen below. These cosmetics will all be available in the Fortnite Item Shop very soon and the prices of which will vary, depending on the rarity.

Hollowhead (Epic)
All tricks. No treats.

Jack Gourdon (Epic)
Squash the competition

Plague (Epic)
The doctor is in…

Scourge (Epic)
Seeking the cure

Bullseye (Uncommon)
I never miss


Dismal Cape (Epic)
Black as night

Arcanum (Epic)
Perilous and potent

Mouldering Cloak (Epic)
Ragged and worn, from days long gone


Heralds Wand (Rare)
It’s vital

Carver (Rare)
Honed for the harvest


Lamplight (Rare)
A light in the darkness

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