Epic have released a post on all of the audio fixes to be released in the v9.10 Fortnite update.

Fortnite is updated on a weekly basis and in these updates, Epic release bug fixes as well as introducing new content. The next update, v9.10, will be released tomorrow, although at the time of writing, the time is yet to be announced. The in-game MOTD has been updated to tease the Fortnite x Michael Jordan collaboration, which you can see here. Epic have announced the audio fixes and updates to come in v9.10 and what’s in store for later updates.

Fortnite Season 9 Battle Pass Skins
Fortnite Season 9 Battle Pass Skins

V9.10 Fortnite Update Audio Fixes

  • Switch audio dropout issues fixed for the v9.10 update. This was meant to be fixed in the v9.00 update, however the team ran into some unexpected technical problems.

  • Fixed location of close-range enemy pickaxe impact sound, so it plays from the impact point and not the player that’s pickaxing.

  • Removed ducking of building sounds when firing your weapon.

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    Lowered the minimum velocity required to trigger a landing sound; this helps prevent players from silently ‘bunny hopping’ up ramps.

  • Added a new jump sound for enemies that’s louder than your own.

  • Increased jump sound attenuation to match enemy footsteps.

  • Reduced the amount of time that it takes the enemy in-air audio loop to kick on, for better awareness of an enemy dropping in on you from above.

Siphon Fortnite LTM
Siphon Fortnite LTM
  • Boosted volume of occluded footsteps and landing sounds.

  • Tighter spatialization of close-range pickaxe sounds from other players.

  • Added a clearer sound when an enemy confirms an edit on a building piece within ~2 tiles of your position.

  • Removed glider audio tell for players travelling through a Slipstream.

  • Added a new “Headshot + Shield Break” sound, for when the two events occur at the same time. If a shield break is “CHINGSHH” and a headshot is “PA-CHING” then the new sound is “PA-CHINGSHH”.

V9.10 Fortnite Update Open Audio Issues

  • Fix for PC audio device swap issues; Epic are planning to have this added for the v9.20 release.

Future Audio Plans for Fortnite in Season 10

  • Fix for footstep sounds on the edge of structures gives audio as if you’re walking on the ground.

  • Better hear the approach of enemy players outside player-built structures.

  • Improvements to issues of sounds dropping outside of player FOV (Field of View).

  • Improvement of close versus distant player gliding sounds, to help clarify distance of gliding enemies.

Fortnite Soaring 50s LTM
Fortnite Soaring 50s LTM
  • Longer sounds properly playing during Replays.

  • Improved differentiation of teammate versus enemy audio.

  • Internal testing of binaural/HRTF solution that will be a great help to headphone players, as well as other spatialization improvements.

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