Epic introduced cosmetic bundles where players can purchase a skin, pickaxe and glider for a reduced price as opposed to purchasing the cosmetics seperately. The bundles that are been released in the Fortnite Item Shop are; Wukong and Rex. Yesterday, some players saw the Highland Warrior bundle in the shop, but this was confirmed as an error by MrPopoTFS on Reddit.

Bundle sets removed
MrPopoTFS comments on Highland Warrior Bundle

There is an error associated with the bundles that is currently being investigated by Epic, and a hotfix was implemented in order to remove the bundles, but as hotfixes take a little longer to update on some servers, some players could see the Highland Warrior Bundle available to purchase in the item shop. The bundle has now been removed on all servers, and we won’t see bundles in the item shop until Epic fixes the error.

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The Highland Warrior bundles contains:

  • Highland Warrior Skin (Epic)
  • Buckler Back Bling (Epic)
  • Silver Fang Pickaxe (Rare)
  • Storm Sigil Glider (Uncommon)
    Highland Warrior
    Highland Warrior Skin
    Buckler Back Bling
    Buckler Back Bling
    Silver Fang Pickaxe
    Silver Fang Pickaxe

    Storm Sigil Glider
    Storm Sigil Glider

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The reason why bundles were introduced to the Fortnite item shop is due to players on Reddit making several posts suggesting that players that purchase the entire set should receive a discount.

The cosmetic bundles contain items that have been previously released individually and so there are some players that have purchased a couple of the items from the bundle already. These players can still benefit from the offer by buying the items at a reduced price when the bundles are available again. There are, however, some players that have purchased all of the items from the bundle at full price and so they feel like they are being penalized for buying the items early. This has resulted in players asking whether they will receive some kind of compensation for not being able to benefit from the 15 percent discount being offered to others.

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Epic have not confirmed when the bundles will be released in the shop again, but we will keep you updated with the latest.

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