Epic are always looking to improve Fortnite Battle Royale by making changes to existing items and adding new ones every week. Some items are place in the Vault so that Epic are able to rotate new items into the game. There are some items that are placed in the Vault when there are issues with the item/weapon and are added into the game after they have been improved. Even though an item is placed in the Vault, these items can be re-released back into the game, with some improvements.

The Pump Shotgun is a weapon the Fortnite Community have been asking Epic to change for quite some time and looks like necessary changes are being made. Eric Williamson, Lead Designer at Epic Games, has tweeted the following:

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“The upcoming 6.31 update will include a Pump Shotgun rebalance to improve effectiveness: damage will increase in close quarters and range will be reduced slightly. Additionally, ALL shotguns will have a minimum damage of 3 pellets (even if only 1 or 2 hit).”

The Pump Shotgun has been a concern for a long time, as there would be many times were players would only deal 9 damage to opponents in close quarters. As the reload time is long for the Pump Shotgun, it defeats the purpose of the weapon if the damage is so low and so many players do not pick up the weapon for this reason.

All Shotguns will have a minimum of 3 pellet damage, but they may not all hit the opponent.

The new changes for the Shotguns will be implemented in the next update, v6.31. It has not been announced when the update will take place, but we will keep you update with the latest.

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What do you think of these changes? Let us know in the comments section below.

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