Here’s the locations of where you can search chests inside containers with windows for one of the Spray and Pray prestige objectives/challenges.

The Spray and Pray mission challenges/objectives are live for Fortnite Season X, Week 2. Missions were introduced at the beginning of Season X in place of the weekly challenges. Missions have objectives that are similar to the weekly challenges, however, players can prestige the objectives.

One of the prestige objects for the spray and pray mission is to search chests inside containers with windows. You may not know all or any of the locations of these containers with windows, so we’ve created a locations guide to help you complete the prestige objective as quickly as possible.

Search chests inside containers with windows all locations

In order to complete this challenge, players will need to search chests inside containers with windows 5 times. There’s only one chest inside these containers with windows, so you’ll need to know as many locations as possible to complete this challenge as quickly as possible.

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The contains will have a window sprayed on the side and here are all the locations on the map:

You’ll find one of the locations of the containers with a window north east of Happy Hamlet, west of Fatal Fields in the snow biome.

containers with window location 1
containers with window location 1

Here’s what this container location will look line once you’re close by in-game:

You’ll find another container with a window very close to the location above. You’ll simply need to go into the building close by and you’ll find one inside.

This container will be red as seen below:

The next location of a container with a window is near Dusty Depot where you’ll find a stack of containers. The one are the very top is the one with a window:

You’ll find another close to the one above in the building that’s under the meteor.

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You’ll find two more containers with a window just south of Pressure Plant where the lava is. You’ll see two containers with windows very close to one another.

Although you already have enough locations above to complete the challenge, there’s also one south east of Paradise Palms. There’s a red container that you can’t get into, but there’s a contain right next to it which you can get into, and it has a window on the inside.

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