There are many issues with building on both PS4 and Xbox One, mainly due to lag. There are many members of the community that get frustrated when they lose a fight due to the building issues. This could be due to a floor being placed when they were selecting a wall or stairs. Another issue is the stairs auto rotating randomly and hindering players rather than helping.

Epic are aware of the issue and have been trying to fix the issue for some time. Epic employee DanDaDaDanDan had replied to a Reddit post addressing the issue:

There has been an attempt by Epic Games to solve the building issue, however this did more damage than good and so they had to revert back to a previous version that was working better. We have been assured that this is a priority and we should be seeing an improvement in the next update.

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There is a Reddit user, self.FortNiteBR, that has posted some good suggestions to improve the current building format:

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These suggestions would definitely improve the existing building module, making it easier to use. Input lag has been a major concern and quite frustrating for players that can build quick but are not being able to, due to the lag.

Another major concern for players on console is that the transition between weapons building is not smooth. This was pointed out by another Reddit user and Epic employee has stated that this issue will also be addressed in the next update.

The community is looking forward to the next update and can’t wait to see the improvements being made by Epic Games to the existing building model.

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Let us know what issues you are having with building in the comments section below.

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