Here is where you can dig up all the Fortnite Gnomes in Fort Crumpet and Pleasant Park.

New challenges are released every week in Fortnite Battle Royale for players to complete for XP, which will help in levelling up in this Seasons Battle Pass. There are two types of challenges that are released every week; Epic and Legendary. The Epic challenges are the weekly challenges that can be completed at any time during this season and grants players 20,000 XP upon completion. There is one Legendary challenge that is also released every week, but is only available of seven days before being replaced. This challenge has five stages and completing each stage will award you with XP.

There are seven new Epic Challenges for players to complete each week and one of the challenges for week 5 is to Dig up Gnomes from Fort Crumpet and Pleasant Park. You can see the location of all the Gnomes below.

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Fortnite -Dig up Gnomes from Fort Crumpet and Pleasant Park
Fortnite -Dig up Gnomes from Fort Crumpet and Pleasant Park

Fortnite – Dig up Gnomes from Fort Crumpet and Pleasant Park

The challenge tells you in which places the Gnomes are located. Pleasant Park is a named location on the map, but Fort Crumpet is a Landmark. You can find Fort Crumpet northwest of Sweaty Sands, southwest of Coral Castle and we have marked this landmark on the map below:

Fortnite Fort Crumpet Map Location
Fortnite Fort Crumpet Map Location

Dig up Gnomes in Fort Crumpet

There are two Gnomes in Fort Crumpet. The first can be found inside on west side, as seen in the mini map below:

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The second one can be found north of the Landmark, as seen below:

Dig up Gnomes in Pleasant Park

There are also two Gnomes in Pleasant Park and the first Gnome can be found in near the middle of Pleasant Park but the tree:

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You will find another Gnome north of the POI, by the fence:

Here’s more gnome challenge guides for this week:

Once you have completed this challenge, you will be awarded 20,000 XP. Let us know in the comments below if you find any more Gnomes.

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