Today’s new Fortbyte is Fortbyte Fortbyte 14 -- Found within a RV Park. Here’s the location of the Fortbyte.

Fortbyte challenges are unlocked each day, most of which require players to search and find them in-game from a hint provided from the challenge. With each Fortbyte that a player collects, they’ll decrypt part of a mystery image that reveals the secrets of season 9.

Yesterday’s Fortbyte challenge required players to find it in Trog’s Ice Cave, which was Fortbyte 49, and if you haven’t completed it yet, you can check out our guide here.

Today’s new Fortbyte challenge is Fortbyte 14 -- Found within a RV Park. You can find a guide on the location of the Fortbyte below

Fortbyte 14 Location -- Found within a RV Park

As given away by the name of the challenge, today’s Fortbyte challenge is Fortbyte 14, which can be found within a RV Park.

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The RV Park can be found near the desert race track, and here’s the location of the RV Park on the Fortnite map:

RV Park Fortnite Location
RV Park Fortnite Location

You’ll find Fortbyte 14 next to a tree, a green van and a wooden table as seen below:

Fortbyte 14 in RV PARK
Fortbyte 14 in RV PARK

Here’s a video guide on the location of Fortbyte 14:


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