Here’s where you’ll find the Ice Throne location on the Fortnite map if you want to search ammo boxes there.

The Fortnite Winterfest event began on the 18th December and we’re almost at the end of the Christmas event with it expected to end on the 6th January. Today is the final challenge and reward that players can unlock and earn.

Epic added different Winterfest themed landmarks on the Fortnite map in the v11.30 update a few weeks back. These new locations have been a part of the Winterfest challenges in some form, and the final challenge requires players to search Ammo Boxes at the Workshop, Shiver Inn, or the Ice Throne.

We covered the location of the Workshop in Fortnite for the visit different landmarks challenge, and if you want to search ammo boxes at that location, you can check out where the Workshop is here.

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If you’re not sure where the Ice Throne is in Fortnite, we’ve got you covered with a quick location guide below.

The Ice Throne in Fortnite

Where to find and search ammo boxes at the Ice Throne

As given away by the name, the Ice Throne is a Throne made out of ice, or in this case white bricks.

Here’s what the Ice Throne looks like in Fortnite:

Fortnite Ice Throne Location
Fortnite Ice Throne Location

You’ll find the Ice Throne located north of Pleasant Park as seen marked on the map below:

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Fortnite Ice Throne Map location
Fortnite Ice Throne Map location

If you drop where the two candy canes are on the Ice Throne, then take a left or a right to go down the stairs, you should find at least one ammo box under one of the stairs. It seems like ammo boxes at the Ice Throne are scarce.

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It’ll likely be a less contested drop than landing at The Workshop or Shiver Inn, so if you want to try being eliminated when completing this challenge, the Ice Throne could be the best place to drop to search Ammo Boxes.

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