This simple concept will prevent players from making accidental purchases.

Cosmetics are very popular in Fortnite and these can be purchased in the Fortnite Item Shop with V-Bucks. The cosmetics currently available to purchase in the Shop are skins (outfits), pickaxes (harvesting tools), gliders, emotes and wraps. Epic have also recently introduced back blings as separate cosmetics in the item shop as opposed to only being available when purchasing the skin. The first back blings available to purchase separately in the shop are Sun Sprout and Haystack.

Sun Sprout and Haystack back blings
Sun Sprout and Haystack back blings

When looking at the items available to purchase in the store, players can select the item to see what they would look like. Some players have accidentally pushed a button, purchasing the item at this stage. Epic Games have introduced a self-refunding feature where players are able to instantly refund any item purchased in the last 30 days. This is limited to three refunds for a lifetime and so the community have been asking for a confirmation message to appear to ensure the player wants to purchase the cosmetic.

Fortnite Self Refund System
Fortnite Self Refund System

In the first Fortnite AMA held on Reddit, one of the questions asked to the Epic employees were if they were considering to add another button to confirm purchases and they did say they were working on a new way to help prevent accidental purchases:

Q: Can you add a button to the item shop to confirm purchases, to prevent accidental purchases?
We are working on ways to eliminate accidental purchases. In the meantime, we have a refund token system to help.

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Reddit user iNath4n has suggested a simple concept that could be implemented:

Fortnite Purchase Confirmation Concept
Fortnite Purchase Confirmation Concept

Do you think this feature needs to be added?

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