Are you not getting what you want from Fortnite presents? Want to get the Peppermint pick pickaxe from one of the Christmas Winterfest presents? We’ve got you covered.

Day 2 of the Fortnite Winterfest event went live today at 2pm UTC with the Drum Gun being unvaulted and the Ground Game LTM making a return for the day. A new challenge is also available to complete, which you’ll need to unlock by searching the holiday stocking at the Winterfest Cabin/Lodge.

Players were also able to open up another Fortnite Christmas present from the Winterfest lodge, and we now have a good idea of giving yourself the best chance to get the best Fortnite presents.

Fortnite Presents

Which present to open for the Peppermint Pick Pickaxe

After looking at all the images and videos players have been posting when opening their Fortnite presents, we’ve managed to gather some information on how to increase your chances in getting the best cosmetic from the Christmas presents.

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The majority of people are looking to get their hands on the Peppermint Pick pickaxe. In order to get the pickaxe, the presents which you’ll need to open are the purple ones. If you haven’t noticed already, every time you open a present, there’s a different colour in the background.

Merry Chipmas Music
Merry Chipmas Music

The purple presents have two different cosmetics. You can either get the Peppermint Pick pickaxe, or you’ll get the Merry Chipmas Music Pack. That gives you a 50% chance of getting the Peppermint Pick pickaxe.

Peppermint Fortnite Winterfest Pickaxe
Peppermint Fortnite Winterfest Pickaxe

If you’ve already received the Merry Chipmas Music Pack, open the other purple present tomorrow in order to guarantee yourself the Peppermint Pick.

The presents are different colours for each person. So, you may have a square present and a large, rectangle present that are purple. However, for someone else, those exact presents could be gold and blue for example. What doesn’t seem to change is the cosmetics you get from the different coloured Fortnite presents.

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