What is the Vault and which Fortnite weapons will be going into the Vault?

Epic revealed in the Fortnite Battle Royale State of Development V4 that they will be putting the first Fortnite weapon, the SMG, into the Vault.

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Epic have said that the weapons that are put into the Vault may or may not return to the game. This is the first time the Vault has been mentioned by Epic and it won’t be the last. Epic have said that they want to manage the amount of weapons they have and by putting weapons into the Vault, they are able to introduce newer Fortnite weapons.

It was not clarified at first if the suppressed and the tactical version of the weapon will also be put in the Vault, but it has now been confirmed by Epic employee, Eric, on Reddit, that only the standard SMG is going into the Vault.

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There has been a mixed reaction with the community to this news. Many SMG users have stated that they would have preferred the standard version of the weapon to have been kept and the tactical and suppressed version to be put in the Vault.

Reddit Fortnite Weapons: IKnowGuacIsExtraLady

Let us know what other Fortnite weapons you would like to see in the Vault and which weapons you would like to come to Fortnite in the comments sections below.

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