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Fortnite x BTS Leaked Emotes Dances


The emotes that will be coming to Fortnite for the BTS collaboration has been leaked by dataminers. Here is what they look like.

UPDATE: Fortnite BTS Concert Event time

Epic Games have collaborated with many musicians to bring in-game concerts to fans in the Party Royale mode of Fortnite. Players who have attended these concerts or have logged in to Fortnite at these times have been awarded with free cosmetics.

Epic have already announced that the popular K-Pop group BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys, will be debuting the music video choreography version for their single “Dynamite” in Fortnite on On Friday 25th September at 8 PM EDT (Saturday 26th September at 9 AM KST).

BTS Fortnite Item Shop Emotes

They had also announced that there would be two emotes available in the Item Shop for players to purchase, but they did not show what these emotes will be. Data miners have now managed to leak these, which you can see in the video below (the audio has been removed due to copyright issues).

There is no information at the moment as to how much these Emotes will cost, but we do know that they will feature in the Item Shop on 23rd September at 8pm EDT. These emotes will be in the Item Shop in time for you to use them for the Party Royale concert.

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It is not yet known as to how long these BTS emotes will be available in the Item Shop, but they will likely be there until the repeat has taken place in the game. To avoid disappointment, be sure to purchase these emotes as soon as they are available in the Item Shop as there is no guarantee they will return at a later date.

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BTS Dynamite
BTS Dynamite

We have a dedicated page for the Fortnite Item Shop, which you can see by clicking here. Make sure you turn website notifications on for all the latest Fortnite news, leaks, updates, challenges and more.

Will you be purchasing these emotes when they come to the shop? Let us know in the comments section below.

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