Two recently leaked Fortnite Skins will have new styles you can unlock by completing challenges. Here are the challenges you will need to complete and the styles that you can get.

In the v11.40 update, there were many new Fortnite Skins and other cosmetics that were leaked by data-miners, all of which can be seen here. These cosmetics will be releasing in the upcoming weeks and data-miners have found challenges for two of the Skins that will be releasing soon.

Metal Mouth & Zadie Fortnite Skin Challenges Leaked

One of the Skins that were found in the v11.40 update is called Metal Mouth. This Skin is of Rare rarity and the description reads, “What lies beyond that sinister smile?”. Another Skin that was leaked in the same update is called Zadie, which is also of Rare rarity and has the description, “She’s got her eyes on you.” Data-miners have leaked the challenges found for both of these Skins, which can be seen mentioned below.

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Metal Mouth Skin Challenges

All of the challenges for this Skin require you to play Creative games. Here are the challenges:

  • Play any Creative games (3)
  • Activate or deactivate a Timed Device in any Creative match (10)
  • Damage players with Assault Rifles in any Creative match (250)

Once you have completed the second challenge, you will unlock the white version for this Skin. As soon as you have completed all three challenges, you will unlock the final style for this Skin, which you can see below:

Fortnite v11.40 Leaked Skin- Metal Mouth
Fortnite v11.40 Leaked Skin – Metal Mouth

Zadie Skin Challenges

The challenges for the Zadie Skin are similar to the challenges for the Metal Mouth Skin as you are required to play Creative games. Here are all of the challenges you will unlock for this Skin:

  • Play any Creative games (3)
  • Purchase items from Vending Machines in any Creative match (10)
  • Damage players with Pistols in any Creative match (250)
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Completing the second challenge for this Skin will unlock the brown style and completing all three will unlock the white version. You can see what the Skin styles look like below.

Fortnite v11.40 Leaked Skin - Zadie
Fortnite v11.40 Leaked Skin – Zadie

None of these Skins are available to purchase yet, but data-miners think that they will be a part of a bundle which is currently called Metal Masq. There is also a Pickaxe that is part of this set, which is called Spiked Mace and also has different styles, although it is not known how these styles will be unlocked as yet.

Fortnite v11.40 Leaked Pickaxe - Spiked Mace
Fortnite v11.40 Leaked Pickaxe – Spiked Mace

We will let you know more about these cosmetics if more information is released, but it seems as though they will not be released soon. Will you be buying them when they are available to purchase?

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