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How to Complete the ‘Complete Timed Trials’ Challenge


One of the challenges for Season 5, Week 6 is to complete timed trials. It was previously thought that this would be related to the racetrack, but looks like something new has been added to Fortnite specifically for this challenge. This is different from other challenges we have seen so far as you will first have to find a timer hologram, as seen below:

Timed Trials in Fortnite

Once you have activated the time trial, there will a lot more markers that will appear. You will need to build to each marker before the time runs out. There will be eight timers you will need to collect to complete one trial and there are five trials you need to complete to complete the challenge. Here is a map of the known locations below:

Timed Trial locations on Fortnite Map

It will be easier if you see where the timers are and then build a path to be able to complete the challenge on time. You will probably not be able to complete it on the first try, but you should be able to build a course to make it easier to complete it the next try.

Here is a video of one of the courses being completed, credit to FortniteMaster:

This is probably one of the hardest and innovative challenges we have seen to date, as there is a possibility you will die by opponents when trying to complete the challenge.

Road Trip #6 Challenge Map Location – Free Battle Star Week 6

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