The Hunting Party Challenges have been added to Season 6 to replace the Road Trip Challenges from last season. To complete the Hunting Party Challenges, you will need to complete the weekly challenges first, which will then unlock a loading screen. These loading screens not only tell a story, but also have a clue as to where a hidden item can be found on the map. The hidden item alternates between a Battle Star or a Banner.

The loading screens awarded to players from the Hunting Party challenges unlock in order, regardless of the weeks challenges that have been completed. This is so players are able to see the story unfold in chronological order and the story is not confused. The loading screen for Hunting Party #9 can be seen below:Season 6 Week 9 Hunting Party Challenges Loading ScreenIf you look to the left in the background, you can see the Hunting Party Skin, A.I.M, which shows him looking at Calamity and Dire. For this loading screen, there is a hidden Battle Star and we have marked it in the image below:Hunting Party Loading Screen Week 9 Battle StarThe loading screen quite clearly shows they are located in Leaky Lake, formerly known ad Loot Lake, and this is where you will find the hidden Battle Star. We have marked the location on the map below:Hunting Party Week 9 Battle Star LocationYou will only be able to see this Battle Star once you have unlocked this loading screen and when you have located it, simply interact with it to receive a full tier.

There is only one week left until Season 6 ends, which means Season 7 is fast approaching. Epic have not officially announced when the next Season will start, but we will keep you updated with the latest. Rewards from the Battle Pass cannot be redeemed after the season has ended, so we would recommend completing all challenges as soon as possible.

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