The Buried Treasure item was added in the v8.01 content update and there seems to be issues with the item.

Epic Games tend to add a new item every week to Fortnite to keep the game fresh. The new item could be a new trap item, consumable, weapon or vehicle. In the v8.01 update, the Buried Treasure map item was added, which can be used to help players find a chat that contains legendary loot.

Buried Treasure
Buried Treasure

This item is quite different from items that have been added before as it requires players to travel to an area and use their pickaxe to ‘dig up’ the treasure. Only players holding the map will be able to see and dig at the ‘X’ spot, but once the chest has been dug up, anyone can open the chest.

It seems like there is a bug with this item as players have been reporting that some of the places in which the treasure is buried is unobtainable, making the item useless. Reddit user SerialMasticator had a map lead him to buried treasure that was under a volcano vent and so could not be dug up:

X Marks the Spot… from FortNiteBR

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Reddit user JeffreyTheSharkPSN had a buried treasure location that showed the loot was no where near the island and could not be reached at all.

Fortnite Buried Treasure item bug
Fortnite Buried Treasure item bug

Sean Hamilton, Community Coordinator at Epic Games, did respond to the video saying that the issues has been reported to the QA team, but we do not know when this issue will be fixed yet.
“We’ll never know what treasures were hidden under that vent. I’ve gone ahead and reported this issue to our QA team, thanks for the video!”

We will keep you updated with any new information on a fix for this issue.

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