Epic will be holding a live event for the Fortnitemares finale today at 6pm UTC, and it will not be viewable in Playground mode. This has been a concern for many, as players do not want to be killed and miss watching the event live, as was seen in the first live event in Season 4. However, dataminers have discovered files that suggest players won’t be able to kill other players.

Butterfly event disable input

Judging by the files, this shows that input will be disabled during the Butterfly event, which may prevent players using their weapons.

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FortTory has found a sound and animation file called sequence, where we can see that players will be floating and appearing to catch a butterfly on their finger. This could possibly mean all players will be floating during the event and will not be able to equip weapons.

@ta5tyy has shown where these files are located and they suggest players will be in ghost/shadow stone form during the event.

butterfly ghost form leak

If you’d like to check out when the event is in your timezone, click here.

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