With new updates, Epic have been adding new files, which are then data-mined by leakers. For Season 6, Epic have normally only been adding one loading screen to the files, but it looks like this week they have added another loading screen for the Hunting Party challenges, which has been found by @CrossLeaks and can be seen below:

The Hunting Party Challenges have a total of 10 weeks to them, and completing each challenge unlocks a new loading screen. The loading screens each contain a clue as to where you will be able to find a hidden item, either a Battle Star or a Banner. Even though we show all the loading screens and the location of the hidden items, you will not be able to see the hidden items until you unlock the loading screen yourself, so no shortcuts unfortunately!

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Even though there are ten weeks for the Hunting Party Challenges, you will only need to complete seven weeks in order to unlock the mystery Hunting Party Skin. The Hunting Party Skin is called A.I.M and comes complete with the E.L.I.M Back Bling. The E.L.I.M Back Bling is interactive, as the counter on the back changes to show how many kills you have had in that game.

Hunting Party Back bling

You will get the following notification when you have completed seven weekly challenges:
A.I.M Fortnite Hunting Party Skin Unlock E.L.I.M Back Bling Hunting Party Skin

We do not know yet if you will receive something special for completing all 10 weeks, but we will keep you updated as soon as we know. From the Road Trip Challenges last season, there wasn’t an additional cosmetic earned for completing all 10 challenges. For the Hunting Party Skin, there was a Pickaxe that was also data-mined that was a part of the same set. This is called the A.X.E Pickaxe and leaks suggest that it will be available in the Fortnite Item Shop some time in the future, but we will have to wait and see what Epic have decided to do with the item:

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A.X.E Pickaxe

You can read more about the A.X.E item here.

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1 year ago

Look at the battle star at the rock near A.I.M.