Since the V.3.6.0 update yesterday, players have been noticing changes in Tilted Towers and there have been Llama’s spotted in TV’s in Fortnite today. It seems like this may have something to do with the Comet that is presumed to be hitting Tilted Towers. When approaching the TV, there seems to be a warning Siren sounding.. Could this be an emergency broadcast warning players of the Comet yet to come?

Bye bye tilted from FortNiteBR

Reddit user BrandonHyde47 thinks he knows why this has occurred:

Epic games are rolling this change out, mid game, no downtime. This is a big test, hear me out.

For the meteor to fall effectively (for everyone) at the same time, of course they had to roll out a test, to see if they could update something mid game.

This is in preparation for the meteor animation falling, at mid game, so everyone can see the same thing at the same time, without a restart.

EDIT: As everyone saw it at the same time, a change in an animation state, just think of them being able to do this to the sky texture, or even to building textures. Without a restart.

There were signs spotted yesterday, hinting that something could be happening today. You can read more about changes seen yesterday here.signs in fortnite comet