Locations of Rubber Duckies for the “Search Rubber Duckies” Challenge

Lonely Lodge Duck Location 2
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  1. Shadow says:

    There is one more. at fatal fields, at the pond in the south

    1. Shadow says:

      at the motel in the pool, at the football space is one in a shower rooms, in the north of moisty mire is one at the single big tree J7

  2. Yaddar says:

    there is one om the shower of the stadium

  3. Yaddar says:

    one at the motel pool

  4. Avid says:

    also, flush factory near the entrance to factory and this hall between tilted, saaby, pleasant and greasy under the shower

  5. Yosh says:

    The ducks on the map make on huge duck like connect the dots.

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