There were many leaked Fortnite skins and cosmetics found in the v7.30 update and we now have the names and rarities of all.

The v7.30 update dropped today and data-miners were able to leak a few skins and cosmetics that have been added in the update. The names and rarities for these item are now known and can be seen below:

The Prisoner (Legendary)
Unchained, and out to restore balanceThe Prisoner Snowfall Challenge Skin

Kitbash (Epic)
Show ’em what you’re made ofSparkplug (Rare)
Scrap the competitionFrozen Feathers (Rare)
A cold wind bellowsExtra Cheese (Epic)
Slice through the skyFrozen Beak (Rare)
Break the iceCold Hearted (Rare)
No love lostMarshy Smasher (Rare)
Spread some joymarshmello v7.30 pickaxeSquid Striker (Rare)
Speak softly and carry a giant squidScrappy (Rare)
Barking out of the BoneyardPadlock (Legendary)
Locked downTrash Lid (Epic)
Put a lid on it
Golden Clouds (Rare) Wrap
Show your style

New Fortnite Leaked Wrap

Marshmello (Rare) SprayMarshmello Spray

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These items should be appearing in the Fortnite Item Shop in upcoming weeks, providing Epic do not remove the files, but it is not known when they will be available. There are some cosmetics that are known to be rewards that will be awarded to players for completing challenges. You can read about the Marshmello event with the challenges and rewards for the event here.

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