There were many skins/cosmetics that were leaked when the v5.3 files were updates and now we have the names and rarities of each cosmetic. These cosmetics should be released in Fortnite in the upcoming weeks and we cover the Fortnite Item Shop daily as soon as it is updated. Here are the names and rarities of each cosmetic:

Ravage (Legendary)
Circling overhead, shrouded by night…

Enforcer (Legendary)
Balance and order must be restored

Musha (Legendary)
A fearless and noble warrior

Hime (Legendary)
Catlike grace under pressure

Far Out Man (Epic)
Out of sight

Dreamflower (Epic)
Can you dig it?

The Ace (Epic)
Stack the deck

Cloaked Star (Epic)
Cloaked in mystery

Backbone (Rare)
King of the highway

Chopper (Rare)
No one crosses Chopper and rides away

Armadillo (Uncommon)
Thick skinned and and battle hardened

Scorpion (Uncommon)
Beware the stinger

Cat’s Claw (Rare)
Scratch and slash

Drumbeat (Uncommon)
Feel the beat

Throttle (Rare)
Rev it up!

Iron Beak (Rare)
Peck away

Controller (Epic)
Take control

Subjugator (Legendary)
Quell the competition

Shiro (Legendary)

Sashimono (Legendary)
Storied sigil

Swag Bag (Epic)
Take the money and run

Buckled (Uncommon)
Buckle up!

Vintage (Uncommon)
Lovingly broken in

Slashed (Uncommon)
For narrow escapes

Road Ready (Rare)
Two-wheel toolkit

Dark Wings (Legendary)
Swoop in and take the spoils

Hip Shakers (Epic)
Verifiably hip

Road Ready (Rare)
Jam on

Road Flair (Rare)
Built for the road

Ghost Portal (Epic)
I just got a chill

Blaze (Uncommon)
Glide down in a blaze of glory

Flappy (Rare)
Flappy happy

Purrfect (Legendary)
It’s the cat’s meow

Tie-Dye Flyer (Rare)
So many colors

All of the skins that have been leaked are legendary and will most likely be purchaseable in the Fortnite Item Shop for 2,000 V-Bucks. Which one is your favourite?

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