Epic Games are constantly releasing new Fortnite Skins that players can purchase with V-Bucks in the Fortnite Item Shop. It’s always exciting to see the new Fortnite Skins and Cosmetics that get released and to see who or what they were inspired by. There are some purchase-only Fortnite Skins that cannot be earned by progressing in level with the Battle Pass. They are only available for a limited time, making them more desirable to purchase. Seasonal Fortnite Skins are also limited and are sometimes re-released for players to purchase at a discounted price at a later date. This article covers Fortnite Leaked Skins that have been data mined, so players know what Skins will be coming to Fortnite Battle Royale.

Here are a list of the new Fortnite Leaked Skins and cosmetics:

All images are courtesy of StormShield.one.

Fortnite Skins and Cosmetics Leaked on 30/05/2018:

Flytrap (Legendary) and Ventura (Epic)

Flytrap (Legendary)Ventura (Epic)

Scoundrel (Epic) and Rapscallion (Epic)

Scoundrel (Epic)Rapscallion (Epic)

Jumpshot (Rare) and Triple Threat (Rare)

Jumpshot (Rare)Triple Threat (Rare)

Tendril (Rare) and Slam Dunk (Rare)

Tendril (Rare)Slam Dunk (Rare)

Nite Owl (Rare) and Starry Night (Rare)

Nite Owl (Rare)Starry Night (Rare)

Hang Time (Epic) and Venus Flyer (Rare)

Hang Time (Epic)Venus Flyer (Rare)

Burgle Bag (Epic) and Strongbox (Epic)

Burgle Bag (Epic)Strongbox (Epic)

Fortnite Skins and Cosmetics Leaked on 16/05/2018:

Toxic Trooper & Hazard Agent (Epic)

Toxic TrooperHazard Agent

Venturion (Epic) & Moisty Merman (Legendary)

VenturionMoisty Merman

Bandolier (Epic)


 Director’s Cut (Uncommon) & Airfoil (Rare)

Director's CutAirfoil

Autocleave & Stop Axe (Rare)

AutocleaveStop Axe

Meltdown & Triumph (Uncommon) 


Mertank (Legendary) & Contagion (Epic)


Pathogen (Epic)


Fortnite Skins and Cosmetics Leaked on 01/05/2018:

Royale Bomber (Epic) & Trailblazer (Epic)

 Abstrakt (Epic)

Liteshow  & Nitelite (Uncommon)

Chromium & Diecast (Rare)

Glow Stick (Rare) & Renegade Roller (Epic)

Tenderizer (Rare) & Lollipopper (Rare)

Positron (Rare) & Onslaught (Epic)

Persuader (Rare)

Stand Issue (Rare) & Tag Bag (Epic)

True North (Epic)

Solid Strider & Steadfast (Uncommon)

Glow Rider (Uncommon)

Fortnite Skins and Cosmetics Leaked on 24/04/2018:

Steelsight (Epic) & Brite Gunner (Epic)

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Steelcast (Epic) & Brite Bag (Epic)

Global Axe (Epic) 

Fortnite Skins and Cosmetics Leaked on 11/04/2018:

Tricera Ops (Legendary) & Leviathan (Legendary)

Tomatohead (Epic) & Cipher (Rare)

Hatchling (Legendary) & Fish Tank (Legendary)

Special Delivery (Epic)

Bitemark (Epic) & Cutting Edge (Rare)

Axeroni (Rare)

Fossil Flyer (Common) & Mainframe (Common)

Planetary Probe (Epic) & Googly (Rare)

The “Royale Flags” are available to everyone who has already purchased or purchases the Wukong skin.

Fortnite Skins and Cosmetics Leaked on 29/03/2018:

Midnight Ops (Rare) & Raven (Legendary)


Rabbit Raider (Epic) & Bunny Brawler (Epic)


Dark Vanguard (Legendary) & Whiplash (Uncommon)


Dark Void (Legendary) & Iron Cage (Legendary)


Hard Boiled (Epic) & Eggshell (Epic)


Royale Flags (Legendary)

Orbital Shuttle (Epic) & Deep Space Lander (Epic)


Feathered Flyer (Rare)

Fortnite Item Shop

The Fortnite Skins and cosmetics vary in price according to their rarities, i.e. Uncommon, Rare, Epic and Legendary and are purchased in the Fortnite Item Shop. All items that are purchased in the Fortnite Item Shop are purely cosmetic and do not provide a competitive edge to players.

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