Here is a concept for a new umbrella that could be added in Fortnite for winning a Getaway LTM.

Umbrellas are awarded to players when they win a match in Fortnite and the umbrella changes every season. There was only one umbrella awarded in each season until the Fortnite x Wick collaboration where players that win a Wick’s Bounty LTM (Limited Time Mode) are awarded with the One Shot umbrella.

Fortnite x Wick - One Shot Umbrella Wick's Bounty LTM Reward
Fortnite x Wick – One Shot Umbrella Wick’s Bounty LTM Reward

This has now opened up the possibility of new umbrellas being added to other LTM challenges, such as the High Stakes Challenges for the Getaway LTM. The Getaway LTM has been seen in Fortnite twice and there were additional challenges and rewards for players to complete when it was added again. It is possible that the LTM could return and there could be more challenges available, which could have more rewards.

Reddit user ThatMysteryGuy_uk has created an umbrella that would be a good reward for players that complete a High Stakes Challenge.

Fortnite Concept - High Stakes Challenge Reward Poker Face Umbrella
Fortnite Concept – High Stakes Challenge Reward Poker Face Umbrella – via u/ThatMysteryGuy_uk

Umbrellas are awarded when players win a match but if this umbrella was added as a reward for the Getaway LTM, it would possibly require players to win the match more than 5 times. This is because the previous challenges for the Getaway LTM already had a reward for winning a Getaway match once, thrice and even five times.

High Stakes Fortnite Challenges for The Getaway LTM
High Stakes Fortnite Challenges for The Getaway LTM
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If Epic decided to add this umbrella as a reward, it would most likely be awarded to players that win 10 Getaway matches.

Do you want this umbrella to be added as a reward for the Getaway LTM?

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i definitely agree that you should have to win more than one game, but i think 10 is a little too extreme. maybe 5 would be better?

Welshbub06 -xbox
Welshbub06 -xbox

I_ would definitely like the umbrella to be added and would love even more for the LTM to return. I was disappointed with the john wick umbrella it was plain black, i already have a plain grey.
Who thinks this concept would be a good idea- instead of having so many umbrellas in your locker why not just have selectable styles ,also characters with selectable styles should have a random mode for that skin only too