Here is a new hiding spot found in Fortnite Battle Royale.

We have seen quite a few changes to the Fortnite map at the start of the season, including Neo Tilted, Mega Mall, Pressure Plant, Sky Platforms and more. You can see all of the map changes that were made at the start of Season 9 here.

Fortnite Season 9 (V9.00) Map Changes - Mega Mall
Fortnite Season 9 (V9.00) Map Changes – Mega Mall

As new buildings have been added, players are exploring and discovering new areas to loot and Reddit user IcySmooth has found a new place to hide. The clip posted on Reddit shows that it was a complete accident he had landed in this area in Neo Tilted but it can be quite place to hide when escaping an enemy.

I accidentally found a new hiding spot! from FortNiteBR

This would be a great place to go to when you need to heal and not be seen by the enemy, as you are hidden by the holographic sign. This isn’t technically a glitch or a bug, so it most likely won’t be ‘patched’ or changed.

New Hiding Spot in Fortnite Neo Tilted
New Hiding Spot in Fortnite Neo Tilted- via u/IcySmooth
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If you are in Neo Tilted and can’t see where you are getting shot at, it may be someone hiding in this location. This will most likely work on other ledges which have the holographic signs in front of it as well.

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