The official Fortnite Twitter account has teased what could be coming to the Fortnite Item Shop tonight with a tweet that suggests that the Power Chord skin could be making a return along with two skins that were data-mined from the v5.4 files.

The two skins that will most likely be making an appearance in the Item Shop tonight are part of the Garage Band set and can be seen below:

Stage Slayer (Epic)
Crank it up!

Stage Slayer v5.4 leaked fortnite skin

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Synth Star (Epic)
Ride a new wave to victory

Synth Star Leaked v5.4 Fortnite Skin

The Power Chord skin is of legendary rarity and is part of the Volume 11 set, but it is speculated that the lightning in the tweet could symbolize Power and the guitar symbolizes Chord. The guitar could however just be making reference to the Keytar back bling which will be available with the Synth Star skin. The Power Chord has only made one appearance in the Item Shop to date, which makes it one of the rarest skins in Fortnite.

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