Week 3 Hidden Blockbuster Challenge & Leaked Location for Week 4

Blockbuster week 3 Challenge Location
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  1. Oppai says:


  2. Jcbref says:

    Week 4 looks like “Hail Hydra”

  3. Cas0rys says:

    I think Epic will make a Short or maybe a Movie of the Season 4 in the end of season.

  4. Blake Herrman says:

    I can’t find the battlestar in the Omega base. Where is it?

    1. Neo says:

      Can’t find it either, spent like 30 mins already…

      1. MBison says:

        its for week 4 we are only in week 3 read people read

        1. HitTheCom says:

          well now its week 4 and i cant find it so where is it

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