The challenges for Fortnite Battle Royale Season 8, Week 8 have been leaked by dataminers ahead of time. Here’s what to expect when the challenges are unlocked tomorrow.

UPDATE: You can view the official challenges for Season 8, Week 8 here

The Fortnite Season 8, Week 8 have been leaked ahead of time. Fortnite weekly challenges unlock every Thursday at 3:30 PM BST.

The v8.40 update was released today, and the Week 8 challenges were updated with what’s likely to be the official challenges. As this leak comes a day before the challenges unlock, it’s extremely unlikely the challenges will change.

As with every week, there are seven challenges, three Free challenges and four Battle Pass challenges.

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These challenges were leaked by dataminer FiremonkeyFN and can be seen below:

  • TIP: Click any of the linked challenges below to view the guide on how to complete the challenge.



Fortnite Season 8, Week 8 Leaked Challenges
Fortnite Season 8, Week 8 Leaked Challenges

Epic have shown some creativity with the week 8 challenges. Last week, most of the challenges were straightforward, mundane challenges that we’ve seen time and time again. In week 8, however there’s a few different challenges.

We’ve seen a Jigsaw Puzzle Piece search challenge in the past, but it’s nice to not have to complete challenges such as dealing damage to players riding ziplines.

Epic have also added in two new challenges, one of which players will need to locate big telephones at certain locations on the map and dial the numbers of the two main fast food restaurants. The other new challenge, a stage challenge, requires players to search and then follow the treasure map in Paradise Palms.

Upon completing all seven challenges, players will unlock the Discovery Challenge Week 8 loading screen. The loading screen was leaked in today’s update, and provides the location of the hidden banner.

Fortnite Discovery Challenge Leaked Week 8 Loading Screen
Fortnite Discovery Challenge Leaked Week 8 Loading Screen

We’ll have a guide on how to find the hidden banner along with guides on completing the treasure map, jigsaw and big telephone challenges. Be sure to turn on website notifications and follow us on Twitter over at Fortnite_BR.

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