A new PlayStation Plus Exclusive Celebration Pack for Fortnite is now showing as available in New Zealand. 

There are many exclusive Fortnite cosmetic packs in the past for PlayStation players and it looks like a new Celebration Pack is currently showing available in New Zealand and will be available in all countries at midnight.

Fortnite: Battle Royale – PlayStation®Plus Celebration Pack

Here is the description of the pack and what it will include:

If you’re a PlayStation®Plus member, you can download this exclusive item and keep it forever. Not a member yet? Subscribe to PlayStation®Plus for loads of PlayStation® extras!
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This is an exclusive PlayStation®Plus offer. 

Grab a glider, a skydiving contrail and a loading screen to represent your Victory Royale in style with the PlayStation®Plus Celebration Pack. 

This pack includes: 

– Coaxial Blue glider
– Blue Fusion contrail
– Loading screen

(All items are cosmetic and do not affect gameplay.) 

Fortnite Coaxial Blue Glider

Here is a closer look at the Coaxial Blue Glider you will receive once you have claimed this pack:

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Fortnite Leaked PlayStation Exclusive Coaxial Blue Glider
Fortnite PlayStation Exclusive Coaxial Blue Glider

Blue Fusion Contrail

Here is the Blue Fusion contrail you will receive once you have claimed the exclusive PlayStation pack:

Fortnite PlayStation Exclusive Blue Fusion Contrail
Fortnite PlayStation Exclusive Blue Fusion Contrail

Loading Screen

Here is the Strikeforce loading screen you will receive once you have claimed the pack:

Fortnite Strikeforce Loading Screen
Fortnite Strikeforce Loading Screen

The loading screen features the Blue Striker, Carbon Commando and the Blue Team Leader skins, all of which are PS Plus exclusive cosmetics.

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