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New Fortnite Game Mode Concept


Reddit user thesquatingdog has thought of a new Fortnite Game Mode, which is a very interesting concept.

Reddit: New Fortnite Game Mode Concept-Storm Chasers

This Fortnite Game Mode will of course involve a new item, the ‘Storm Staff’, which OP suggests the holder should be a random person selected in the squad by the game. This tool can then be passed around squad members when needed, with only 10 seconds allowed between each drop.

There was a discussion on Reddit about this Fortnite Game Mode about the fact that even though you can see other squads Storm Staff holders, the game could last a very long time as there wasn’t anything mentioned to force squads together. It was suggested that the Storm Staff should have some sort of durability, which needs a charge or juice to keep it alive. This will mean that squads will need to scour the map to find these energy sources, thus forcing squads to interact.

Another suggestion was that squads will need to kill other squads Storm Staff holders to receive the energy to keep the power of the Storm Staff alive.

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There could also be different charging points on the map that squads need to get to in order to charge the Storm Staff, which can only be used by players once. This will force squads to come together and battle it out for the charge.

There are many different ways in which this Fortnite Game Mode concept could be tweaked slightly to make it an actual mode, but we feel like this is a very innovative concept and will definitely be different from any other Fortnite Game Mode.

Let us know in the comments section below what you think of this Fortnite Game Mode concept and what you would like to see added to make it better.

You can read more of the suggestions to this Fortnite Game Mode on Reddit.

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